Bye-Bye Zoom! 


Photo from vikasuperstar on Instagram

Iona College returns to being a hot spot for classes rather than a hot spot for COVID.

Jason Piccolomini, Staff Writer

Iona College returns to being a hot spot for classes rather than a hot spot for COVID-19 as the 2021-2022 school year is all in-person.  

Iona had plenty of spotlight last year from the pandemic. Ex-governor Andrew Cuomo held one of his daily briefings at the new LaPenta School of Business, and Iona College President Seamus Carey appeared on CNN and was celebrated for his leadership during those trying times. 

Last year was filled with uncertainty for students and staff. Many students decided to take their classes online rather than in person. Professors held their classes from their living rooms rather than in classrooms. The students and staff that were on campus were not in classes every day. If a class met more than once a week, some students would come in one day and the other students would come in the next class.  

Furthermore, classrooms were always limited, and this was the case with the entire Iona campus. No visitors were allowed on campus and limited people were allowed in the halls and eateries. Masks were mandated and Iona used the GaelCare app to show a student’s health records, which included COVID testing.  

Iona’s in-person class return does not mean all other precautions are thrown out of the window. Masks are still mandated in classes and in common areas.  All visitors are allowed, but only a maximum of two people per suite. If you do decide to have a visitor or two, then make sure they know they can only stay until 2 a.m. since no overnight guests are allowed. Even the gyms are socially distanced as students can use every other treadmill, so they are not too close to each other. Life is starting to feel how it was pre-COVID, but this doesn’t exactly mean everything is back to normal. 

Junior Cameron Deshnad, who resided in his Philadelphia home last year, has his concerns about the overall mindset of the campus. He is vaccinated against the virus but still wants to go the extra mile to stay safe. 

“I’m overjoyed to be back on campus, but I can’t help but feel that our stay will be short lived,” Deshnad said. “I hope the school’s mindset isn’t that everything is back to normal because the reality is that it isn’t.”  

Many would agree with Deshnad’s statements since the virus is still impacting the community and other COVID strains, most notably the Delta Variant, are on the rise. Other students are trying to look purely at the positives of being back.  

Junior Megan Huggard, who was on campus last year, has confidence in the school as well as the students to ensure a safe environment.  

“It’s great to be back with all of my peers, many of which I haven’t seen since freshman year,” Huggard said. “I trust that my Iona community will allow for a full, safe school year.”  

Iona has worked very hard to resume classes in person after New Rochelle had New York’s second ever COVID-19 case and became New York’s first containment zone. It’s going to take a group effort from the students, staff and the rest of the school to ensure the safety of everyone.