Gael chat: Summer plans


Photo from @mstaracarter on Instagram

Lifeguarding is a common summer job for college students, as it fits in with their summer break.

Tiffany Persaud, Assistant Features & Lifestyle Editor

The pandemic caused students to miss out on last summer’s antics, so they’re not letting anything hold them back from having fun this summer. Making memories with our loved ones was taken for granted in the summer of 2020. With over 7 million New Yorkers vaccinated, Gaels are hoping for a comeback summer. 

Iona’s soon-to-be graduates are excited for a summer filled with either their first ‘grown-up’ job or internship, or wailing with uncertainty about what will come next.  

Senior Azka Ghaffar is feeling bitter-sweet as she is preparing to graduate Iona and celebrate her hard work at Iona with her family. Before she begins working in July, Ghaffar intends to indulge in the beauty of Manhattan.  

“I personally feel that even though I have been living in New York for a long time, I never really visited most places in New York City,” Ghaffar said. “… and I definitely want to rest so I’ll be ready to start fresh with my job.”  

Some students may have even nailed their dream job!  

Senior Ivianni Castillo will also begin working in July as a cyber security analyst at Deloitte, a brand providing financial services to independent firms in New York City.  

“I am really excited to start this position as this is exactly what I wanted to do after graduation,” Castillo said. “Before my job begins, I will also be going on a trip to Disney World with my friends as a last hoorah.”  

Sophomore Katherine Ivanchenko is delighted to remain on campus for the summer, researching online for Project Symphony, a biophysics project.  

“I will also be taking Physics 2 during the summer III session at Iona,” said Ivanchenko. “I am planning a for beach trip with a friend in August when I’m done with school!” 

As pools and beaches reopen, it’s necessary to provide safety precautions, such as hiring trained lifeguards to prevent drowning and other water-related dangers.  

“Learning and experiencing what it takes to be an efficient and understanding [lifeguard] manager is crucial for my future career,” said Newman. “While working, I intend to work on my tan and hope that anyone who cannot swim, uses a floaty at least.”  

Even though most Gaels are working or continuing their studies this summer, relaxation should find its way into everyone’s daily lives. It doesn’t take a doctor to affirm that using brain activity on little sleep and nourishment is a disaster waiting to happen. Moreover, the summer’s heat dehydrates your body, so invest in a reusable water bottle to sip on throughout the day.  

Being fully vaccinated grants safer travel, so an economic boom is on the forefront as tourists are likely to visit New York City again. Restaurants, hotels, public services, entertainment and retail are patiently waiting for May 17th when capacity restrictions and curfews will be lifted according to Governor Cuomo.  

Skinny dipping in crystal-blue Caribbean beaches may sound nice, but you’ll surely miss the city that never sleeps.