Five ways to make money from home


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Even the smallest of hobbies, such as crafting, can become an at-home business.

Aliyah Rodriguez, Features & Lifestyle Editor

Summer is normally an easy time for college students to find seasonal work, but that might not be the case this year since so many people are struggling to find employment. The pandemic has changed the way people think about employment, and many people would prefer to work from home. With hopes of having a great summer with friends, students may be looking for ways to make some quick cash. Here are some ways to make money from home this summer: 

  1. Sellingclothes online  

If you have lightly used or untouched clothes taking up space in your room, consider selling them on websites like Depop, tredUp or Poshmark. Sustainable fashion is on the rise and people are growing to prefer this online version of thrifting over going into fast fashion stores and shopping the latest trends. If your clothes still have the tags on them, you could get away with selling them for full price. Selling your clothing online also means that you could make a couple bucks every time you want to get rid of old clothes.  

  1. Sellinghousehold items online 

If you have something in your house that you aren’t using anymore or furniture that you want to get rid of – maybe it’s a gaming console, a bedside table, a coffee table or a lamp – consider selling it on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. With the rise of people getting into Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects during quarantine, it should be easy to sell old furniture to people looking to bring a little personality to their homes.  

  1. Become a freelance transcriber

Transcriptions are necessary for people with disabilities to listen to audios online – but not every website offers it. With an uptick in YouTube channels and podcasts, you might be able to find work as a freelance transcriber. If there’s one thing college students do a lot of, it’s typing.  As a college student, you’re probably most qualified to type quickly and efficiently, so this job may be perfect for you.  

  1. Start your own small business 

During the pandemic, people took up hobbies that could easily be monetized such as making lip glosses, resin art, jewelry, sewing and other small crafts. If you’re a crafty person, this might be the route for you. You can create your own website to sell your crafts, create an Etsy account or even sell on your social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  

  1. Tutor

You may have heard it on the news or read articles talking about the negative impact online learning has had on children’s information retention. If online learning was hard for college students, you could only image how hard it was for grade-school children to learn online. A lot of parents are hoping to get their children’s education back on track this summer, providing a great opportunity for college students to make some extra money. With Zoom still at our fingertips, arranging safe tutoring sessions should be a breeze.  

If you’re looking for options to keep you paid on a part-time basis, or just a side hustle, then these jobs are definitely for you. Don’t limit yourself – the world is changing and there’s always an opportunity to make money creatively.