Iona College’s spring 2021 production explores social issues through vibrant performances


ICDE Spring 2021 In-Person Dancers posing with Dr. Park and Ms. Harvie.

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Iona College Dance Ensemble’s spring 2021 production, “Social Justice in Motion,” premiered virtually on April 14 and featured a variety of performances that emphasized and advocated for change and progress.  


Each piece highlighted a different social issue and uniquely communicated the feelings surrounding it through song and dance. The first performance of the showcase, “Screaming Out Loud,” highlights and examines social issues such as mental illness through the use of the limited environments and spaces in which each student performed“Together In One Earth” emphasizes the desire and need for people to be heard and understood through each dancer’s movement and performance.  


While the coronavirus pandemic barred the ensemble from performing  a completely in-person event, students were still able to come together and produce a showcase for the Iona College community. Dances were performed from students homes and various locations outside on campus. Some dances were even able to be performed on stage with groups of performers given social distancing requirements.  


Each movement within the showcase stands out in its own unique way, such as the “Shine Shoes” tapdancing routine or the outdoors group performance of “In the Heights. These two performances in particular were contributions from guest artist Lisa Harvie. The showcase featured a wide range of musical genres from jazz and orchestral pieces to more contemporary songs as well.  


Through their performances, students were able to uniquely express themselves and their views on crucial issues within our society today. Director of the Iona College Dance Ensemble, Dr. Hannah Park writes on how important and rewarding it was to help give students this opportunity.  


“As a director, it was an honor to witness the dancers reflecting on an issue important to them through sharing, dance making and performing,” Dr. Park writes. “It is my hope that the program will provide joy, light and appreciation of the art of dance.” 


“Social Justice in Motion” is now available to view through the Council of the Arts’ page on Iona’s website.