A beginner’s crystal healing guide


Photo from Pexels.com

There are plenty of crystals to choose from, but crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, and selenite are very popular.

Tiffany Persaud, Assistant Features & Lifestyle Editor

Crystal healing isn’t new in most corners of the world, but it has recently gotten more attention than before. Mostly perpetrated on social media, using crystals has become a daily practice to enhance affirmations, mental well-being and spirituality.  

Crystals are scientifically just fossilized minerals and there are various kinds of crystals; each one has a different color and purpose which corresponds with one of the seven chakras and twelve astrological signs.  

Choosing your crystals can come easily – you can get the ones you’re naturally drawn to or pick based on what you personally need the crystals to help with.  

Some popular crystals include:  

Rose Quartz – heart chakra, attracts kindness, compassion and romance (Taurus and Libra) 

Black Tourmaline – root chakra, promotes mindfulness and general protection (Scorpio) 

Tiger’s Eye – sacral chakra, helps discover courage and discipline (Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio) 

Turquoise – throat chakra, promotes communication and self-expression (Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio)  

Amethyst – third eye chakra, boosts connections to one’s spirit and intuition (Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn) 

Selenite – crown chakra, consciousness, wisdom and bliss (Cancer)  

Citrine – solar plexus chakra, enhances self-esteem and passion (Geminis, Aries, Libras and Leos)  

After purchasing your crystals – which can be from holistic shops or online sellers abroad   you’ll need to set your intentions. What is the purpose of your new crystals? How do you want their powers to affect your life?  

Demanding and forcing your needs onto something as delicate as a crystal might reverse its purpose and worsen what you’re trying to heal, so keep an open mind while using them. Keeping your crystals underneath your pillow, holding them during meditation, wearing them as jewelry and carrying them in your purse are all simple yet meaningful gestures to enhance their vibrational frequencies.  

Senior Alessandra Manganiello believes that after years of using crystals, she’s able to conform to their powers in whichever way benefits her. Her personal favorite use is finding comfort through her crystals 

“There is a crystal to help with anxiety, crystals to help study for school when used properly, crystals for self-love and even protection,” Manganiello said. “I think it’s important to realize that crystals are more than just for healing and manifestation purposes, but can also serve in a way as a sort of psychology tool to ease your mind and let things work in your favor.”  

Once you bring your crystals homeit’s important to cleanse them to ward off any negative energies of whoever else has touched them. The most common way to cleanse is to put your crystals in a distilled glass of saltwater.  

It is important to note that crystals will not medically cure a terminal illness. Skeptics believe that crystals are just rocks that hold no powers as there is no hard proof of crystals holding metaphysical properties. The debates on whether crystal healing is a pseudoscience or not are valid, but the fact remains that there are countless religions that use metaphysical entities in their practices, so using crystal healing is just another individual choice.