Iona launches food delivery service for students on campus 


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Iona’s Gourmet 4 Gaels Service helps support the student community.

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor

*Disclaimer: This article is part of the Ionian’s April Fool’s issue and is meant solely to be a joke * Happy April Fool’s! 


Iona College has announced “Gourmet 4 Gaels, a new food delivery service exclusively for Iona students.  


Gourmet 4 Gaels is being offered as an exclusive benefit for those who have Iona’s meal plan.  

Students can use the app to order food directly from the Vitanza Dining Commons and the LaPenta Marketplace and have it delivered to their residence halls or anywhere else on campus.  


Iona College recognizes how important food delivery services have been throughout the course of the pandemic and the service was created to help Iona students by providing contactless delivery and pickup options as well.  


Dining options aren’t only limited to on-campus eateries as the app takes advantage of the wide amount of restaurant options throughout North Ave. Any restaurant that currently accepts Iona College’s off-campus dining meal plan can also be ordered through the app as well. Iona College not only plans to support local businesses through the service but also gives more incentive for restaurants to join the meal plan as well.  


Despite the service having an extremely limited demographic of college students within New Rochelle, the app has the potential to directly compete with nationwide services such as Uber Eats and Grubhub. This is largely due to Gourmet 4 Gael’s exclusive Killian delivery experience.  


For a premium price, students have the option of having their order be delivered to them by none other than Killian himself. For an even higher price, students will even have the option of sharing their meal with Killian. Sophomore Elijah Borges describes his life-changing experience with Killian’s service, and how it not only gave him a meal but also a friend.  


“One day I was in my room, feeling lonely, so I decided to use the Iona Gourmet 4 Gaels Premium Option and eat with Killian and boy was it life-changing,” Borges said. I never thought that eating lunch with a 7-foot tall mascot would be fun, but I truly am a changed man because of it.” 


Gourmet 4 Gaels also helps support student employment by providing delivery jobs to students on campus. Sophomore Jamie Sullivan shares her experience working on campus with the delivery service and how she feels its a great way to support the Iona community.  


“Gourmet 4 Gaels is the best option for student employment on campus that no one knows about,” Sullivan said. It’s so rewarding to help out my fellow Gaels in a way where they feel as if nothing’s changed at all.”  


Gourmet 4 Gaels is currently available on all mobile devices.