John Mulaney to join Iona as Assistant English Professor

Jocelyn Arroyo-Ariza, Staff Writer

*Disclaimer: The following article is meant to be taken as joke partaking in April Fool’s Day 

Gaels would like to welcome Iona College’s newest staff member John Mulaney. The comedian, who is best known for his time on SNL and standup routines, has decided to try something new – becoming a professor.  

Mulaneywho received his English degree at Georgetown University, is ecstatic about this new opportunity.  

He has not been shy about his college experience, revealing bits and pieces in his comedy specials from time to time.  

I was student not that long ago,” Mulaney said. “Seventeen years to be exact. I do miss sitting in a classroom thinking of all the possibilities and all the opportunities that would soon come my wayCollege is a special place where you often question yourself, but come out stronger as a result.” 

Like many of us, he has picked up new hobbies during the pandemic. For Mulaney, it was teaching classic literature to his adorable French Bulldog Petunia.  

“I read her everything from Aristotle to John Green,” Mulaney said. “I am quite proud of myself.” 

Realizing he was pretty good at it, he decided to take some Zoom classesMulaney was surprised how quickly things progressed from his virtual learning environment to teaching in person in the fall. 

The upcoming semester will be challenging especially with less than 30 credits to my name, but I am sure that the Iona family will makthis an incredible and unforgettable experience,” Mulaney said. “I have faith in my students more than I do myself.” 

Mulaney will be teaching several classes with registration opening April 30. In fact, he will be teaching three classes, including the one that he is personally developing, English 1001: Intro to Remaining Literature Relevant. This course will feature how to keep up date with the latest trends in the book community and help you check off those books from your to be read list. English 1001 will also include what Mulaney finds personally appealing in the age of ebooks.  

“My mother is a law professor,” Mulaney said. “I learned a lot from her and I hope to share that knowledge with my students.  

Several Gaels have admitted how shocked they were as news hit campus, noting how strange of a career move it is for the comedian. 

“I just binged Big Mouth last week, and now you are telling me he is coming to campus!said an excited sophomore. “I hope I at least can say hello next semester.”  

This is my last year at Iona, I wish I could have taken one of his classes, a senior said. “Thankfully one of my friends is thinking of enrolling in his intro course, so hopefully they will keep me updated.”