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Photos from Everlinet and Lira_Karina on Instagram.

Cottage Core and Dark Academia are two of the most popular aesthetics that people have.

Jocelyn Arroyo-Ariza, Staff Writer

What is an aesthetic? Though the word has been used for centuries to describe artwork, the term “aesthetic was popularized on Tumblr in the early 2010s. It was term thrown around to describe your look in terms of your hobbies, personal style, taste of music , and, of course, your blog. Alternatively, an aesthetic can be based around a character that sometimes embodies a larger aesthetic but has gathered love for their specific sense of style. Each aesthetic has a wide range of principles, history, and extended media – here are some styles to consider when figuring out your own aesthetic.  

Cottage Core (and its many subgenres)  

The popularity of this aesthetic can be contributed to the pandemic as cottage core romanticizes nature and simpler times. The main motif of cottage core is embracing nature without the modernity of 2021. Depending on your interests, there are various ways you can adopt cottage core, such as dedicating your aesthetic to a particular region or time frame. Hobbies associated with the cottage core style include going on picnics, cooking, knitting, baking, pottery, sewing, gardening, farming, work, etc. Popular wardrobe pieces are white linen dresses, woven hats, rain boots, prairie-inspired dresses, and anything with nature on it.   

Dark Academia and Light Academia  

These aesthetics are for former gifted kids who want to rekindle their love for knowledge despite the challenges of academia, reclaiming the excitement you had when the only reason why you were up past your bedtime was that you had to read one more chapter. Dark academia focuses on the heaviness of the aesthetic with black coffee and gothic novels, while light academia focuses on the gentle side with tea and John Keats’ poetry. You may think these aesthetics are completely different, but in reality, it’s the same values with different color palettes.  Hobbies associated with light and dark academia include reading, writing, chess, solving crossword puzzles, visiting museums, painting, etc. Popular wardrobe pieces embody school uniform style: cable knit sweaters, funky socks, oxford shoes, slacks, turtlenecks, etc.   

Grandma/Grandpa Core  

The name says it all. It is an aesthetic that a lot of people enjoy because being young often is not fun and retirement looks so much better. Grandma/Grandpa cores make that old trunk filled with clothes in your attic seem coolHobbies associated with Grandma/Grandpa core include knitting, storytelling, playing old games, etc. Popular wardrobe pieces include glasses, handmade clothing, worn-out shoes, chunky knit sweaters, etc.   

The Clueless Look  

If you love Cher’s look in the popular 1995 teenage comedy Clueless, then this aesthetic is for you. For this aesthetic, possibly dig into your mom’s closet or go thrifting for that authentic 90s look (and maybe find some designer clothes while you are at). Of course, you can look for recreations such as the yellow plaid combo, the Calvin dress, or any of the 59 outfits that Cher wears throughout the movie. If you are getting inspired try to stick white, pink, and matching sets.   

Legally Blonde 

What, likeit’shard to dress like Elle Woods? Woods’ look has survived the test of time. Her aesthetic is fun and classy with lots of hot pink. But the Legally Blonde aesthetic is about more than her clothingit’s about her attitude. Despite others doubting her, she proved what she was capable of and didn’t change her personality for the sake of others. So wear what you and what makes you comfortable and if it’s something pink, then Woods would certainly approve.   

Keep these aesthetics in mind while planning your own personal style – you’ll never know what works for you.