Gaels chat about self-love

Maria Desir and Aliyah Rodriguez

Valentine’s Day is officially behind us, but the lovey dovey decor, heart chocolates and choirs of teddy bears singing “Be mine” in our local CVS stores might still be haunting some. The influx of people doing some last minute shopping or booking dinner reservations have left many men and women feeling that they’re missing out, or that there’s something wrong with them just because they are not in a romantic relationship. Valentine’s Day can be the best of times, and it can be the worst of times. For those who are single, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself. This day is about love, and no love is better than self-loveHere is how some fierce Iona Gaels feel about giving themselves a little extra love this year: 

  Sophomore Sonia Aweh believes that self-love is different for every person. 

“I believe everyone has a different idea of what love means to them. In that sense, do whatever makes you feel loved and happy, said Aweh 

  Aweh’s tip for any Gael that may be struggling with self-love is to simply enjoy the time that you get to spend alone with yourself, do something nice for yourself or even call on some friends.  


Sophomore Diego Rivera believes that self-love needs to start with an internal reflection on who you are. 

Self-love is that feeling and power of knowing your worth and accepting for who you are and who you will become,” Rivera said.  

Junior Joshua De Coteau believes that loving your external self is just as important as loving your internal self.  

[Self-love is] appreciating the you that you see in the mirror every day and working to be the best image of yourself for you and not for others,” De Coteau said. “Remember that you are a priority.” 

Sophomore Alondra Gamez believes in evaluating your space in the world, knowing when it’s time to give your energy and acknowledging when you need to take a step back.  

To me self-love is being kind to your mind and body for existing and forgiving your faults in order to become the best version of yourself,” Gamez said. “This can also mean making yourself a priority at times where you feel like you’re not receiving the energy you are putting out in the world, and it’s not selfish to build and improve a relationship with yourself because ultimately, it’ll improve your connections with others.” 

Lastly, Junior Sionainn Kriska believes in prioritizing your mental health.  

 “Self-love is taking care of yourself mentally and physically, and taking time to make sure that you are in an okay headspace before anyone else,” said Kriska. 

 When asked if they had any tips to share with Gaels struggling with self-love, Kriska concluded by saying Take time loving yourself and doing the things that you enjoy. 

Self-love looks different on everyone and can be practiced in a variety of ways, but what matters most is that everyone takes the time to give themselves the care they need.