Iona College Dance Ensemble presents their 2020 Virtual Fall Production


Students showcase their talents in unique locations in ICDE’s Fall Production

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Nov. 9, the Iona College Dance Ensemble debuted its 2020 Fall Production, “Embodied Spirituality,” virtually on the Iona College website. The event featured numerous performances from both students as well as guest performances from faculty of the Fine and Performing Arts Department.  


The event’s theme centered around spirituality with each individual dance focusing on a particular aspect such as the resilience of the soul or the reflecting of one’s self and the world around them. Each dance featured its own distinct performers as students showcased the meaning of spirit through both song and dance.  


Despite the limitations given the pandemic, a large number of students from Iona College’s Dance Ensemble were able to participate in the production due to its virtual format. The opening movement of the production, “Reflections,” featured students performing individual dances from various locations on campus. Other movements featuring multiple dancers together were performed socially distanced with participants staying six feet apart and wearing masks as they performed. The event also featured guest artist Ms. Lisa Harvie who helped choreograph a jazz piece as well as a performance from Dr. Alba Vieira who showcased dances inspired by the values of the indigenous people of Brazil.  


Even with the difficulties of working within the current circumstances of the global pandemic, the Fine and Performing Arts Department was still able to develop a complete, talented production and share it with the Iona community. Director of the Iona College Dance Ensemble, Dr. Hannah Park, writes on how through during these challenging times, the creativity showcased within the event is needed. 


“This time, in particular, provides an opportunity to reflect on the essence of dance and creativity.” Dr. Park writes. “More than ever, the situation calls for resilience, and it is said that creativity lives at the heart of resilience.” 


“Embodied Spirituality” is available to view through the Council of the Arts’ page on Iona’s website.