Tips for finals  season


Rewriting your notes is one way to help you study for finals. / Photo from scholar_witch on Instagram

The fall semester of 2020 is quickly coming  to an end and finals are just around the corner. We have  heard the term unprecedented  times” enough  to last a lifetime  and have  grown accustomed to back pain  from trying  to  be in frame during Zoom calls.  Resist the urge to binge-watch TV and  use your time wisely by following these tips for preparing for finals.   

Set up a Study  Space: This can be any space in your house or dorm that  makes  you feel comfortable and helps you focus.  Make sure this is a quiet space  where you will not have any  distractions. Keep your phone away from you so that you are less likely to grab it.  Decorate this space to your liking  with what makes you happy  by adding  quotes and pictures to remind yourself what you are studying for. 

Find Motivation: Sometimes the hardest part of studying is starting. If you are feeling aimless, try to motivate yourself. This can be  achieved  by creating a study playlist or finding ways to reward yourself for your work. 

It’s super  important to listen to music  when I study because it helps me focus  and motivates me by allowing me to  enjoy something while I am working hard,” freshman Alesandra Payne said.  

 Figure out  what time of the day you are most motivated and schedule around it.  You should note times where you feel less tired and set these times aside for study breaks. This study plan can be as thorough or as simple as  you want as long as you have written it down and are willing to follow through  with  it.  

Rewrite Your Notes: Studies show if you write something down, you are more likely to remember it. If you love to write in color, pick pens to designate sections or vocabulary. You can also find free printables on Pinterest or Instagram  for layout or stickers or charts if you are more of a visual learner.  However, you should not designate all your energy  to  making your notes pretty because then you will be too tired  to  study.  Your notes do not need to be Instagram-approved to be helpfulbut they need to be legible and organized.   

“I find that using colors  really helps me remember things, so I choose a different color for each subject and highlight important stuff in my notes to help remember specific  information,” Payne said. Normally in class  I  write my notes, then when I am studying I will type them  and highlight stuff in that subjects color.”  

Redo Old Tests and  Quizzes: This is a great way to figure out what exactly you are having trouble with. Go through the problems you got wrong and ask yourself  what made you make that mistake. Once you’ve figured it out, practice that skill and move on to the next one.  

I study by focusing  more on the material that I struggle with most and then moving onto the material  I’m okay with,” freshman Krystal Phillips said.  Just because  you’re good with a certain  topic doesn’t mean  that you should neglect it completely during your study session; simply minimize the amount of the time you spend on it  so you can put your time on something  you find more challenging.”  

Embody the Dark Academia AestheticDark Academia can be  defined  as the  passion for learning. It is an aesthetic that has become popular on TikTok, YouTube and  Instagram, where users share their love for knowledge.  In these communities, academia is romanticized and posts  consist of study tips, book recommendations,  outfit inspiration and excerpts  of books and poetry.  By following these accounts, you can appreciate your education  and learn things along the way