How COVID-19 can help you become a better you

Ciara Serpa, Advertising Manager

At the start of quarantine, I was so busy with classes and moving back home, that I realized I didn’t have time for hobbies. This wasn’t a new thing; it had been years since I had the time to devote a part of my day to self-care, and I had just thrown myself into college and working as hard as I could professionally. Once classes ended, I felt like I didn’t know what to do with all my free time. Yes, I was an Orientation Leader and that carried a lot of work this year, but I needed something else. So, I threw myself back into old hobbies. I started off by painting, something I like to do during the summers or winter breaks. When I had exhausted my imagination there, I was able to go to town on my “to-be-read” (or TBR) list of books I had accumulated. Reading has always been my favorite pastime, allowing me to disconnect from the real world and enter new and informative ones. I even had time to revisit some of my favorite books, like the Mara Dyer series, The Bell Jar and others. After I moved back to school, my roommates and I started to do puzzles. We’ve completed almost three in the meantime and have hung them up on our walls. It’s so much fun to take a break from classwork and do some brain training. There’s also no pressure to finish it all in one day or one week; you can take as long or as little as you want. There are also all kinds of different puzzles catering to any kind of interest you may have.  

These hobbies have brightened my mood and help me to get through the day. I even felt more inclined to study for the GRE and apply for graduate programs that I’m interested in. I’ve realized that this can be a lesson for everyone. There are so many bad things about this year and the spread of the coronavirus but staying in doesn’t have to push you to the edge. You can expand your knowledge or your skillset and devote yourself to something new and fun that you care about!