Gael chat: Dream jobs

Tiffany Persaud, Staff Writer

Iona College is well known for its LaPenta School of Business, but students are also well-versed in the various majors and minors on campus. Ranging from those in the STEM fieldbusiness and liberal arts, undergraduate students have the leeway to be educated in any field or personal interest. Not only does Iona offer hundreds of courses, inperson and now online, clubs and extended resources are actively used for students to further enhance their studies and land their dream job.  

Michael Mitrione, an Iona peer assistant and co-owner of the Echomixers, played football at Archbishop Stepinac High School as a defensive tackle and intends to pursue a career in his favorite sport. He dreams of being a collegiate football coach. However, he intends to work at a high school level at first to acquire the reputation and skill needed to handle a college team. Since Mitrione now only plays leisurely football due to an injury, he abides by a strict workout routine.  

“Daily exercise helps keep me mentally and physically tenacious,” Mitrione said. “Not only to help with motivation in school but to build resistance for my future.”  

Elizabeth Petruniasenior and finance and management major, is aiming for a managerial position once she graduates  college. Before waitressing, she interned at an investment firm this past summer, as a junior advisor to the CFO. Once she is financially stable, Petrunia aspires to help the disabled.  

“In high school I volunteered for Super Athletes Day, which was a field day for children with disabilities, and found my passion,” Petrunia said. “The main reason why I strive to be successful is to help those who may not have the ability to fully function like their peers, but have been given the most loving personalities.”  

Petrunia intends to use Iona’s Handshake resource, a career-services platform, to apply for beginning position jobs and the many resources offered at the Career Center, like interview preparation.  

Sabrina Benfaidajunior and speech pathology major, has a dream of opening her own clinic to help children with communication disorders.  

“Seeing a child’s face light up in awe of being able to do one of the blessings we take for granted, like speaking properly, means the world to me,” Benfaida said. “IMoroccan and would love to do aid and humanitarian work in Morocco to also help with speech disorders amongst the poorer communities.” 

Although she is not in any of Iona’s clubs or interning in that specific field, she has worked alongside a behavioral therapist. After graduating, Benfaida will apply for jobs in her field within a pediatric hospital, seeking to learn how to handle minors.  

Attending college is a happy buuncertain timeRegardless of your GPA, the job search is competitive. As students continue on to the reality of adulthood, many will say goodbye to the comfort of our small communityBut, maybe one day the success stories of this generation will be inscribed alongside the names of Iona College’s finest alumni