Zoom vs. in-class fashion


Shakinah Silverberg, Contributing Writer

While in the comfort of your own home, who really wears anything besides their pajamas? Fashion is only one of many things changing during these times, and the way we dress to go to our Zoom call classes may not be anything like what we would have worn to our in-person classes. 

 Even though students are only showing their upper bodies for most of their classes, it is expected for those in attendance of each Zoom class to not be clothed in sleepwear. This may seem to be evening out the convenience of being in the comfort of your own home for classes: you may not have to go far, but you are still expected to get dressed as if you were. How many students really change out of their pajamas as some professors even explicitly request in their syllabi? It may seem that most people would simply change their shirt and call it at that, but others may even put on their regular makeup and do their hair since more eyes are on them online than there would have been in an in-person class.  

When asked about how she personally dresses for online class vs. in-person classfreshman Alesandra Payne focused on the fact that she has to dress to go outside regardless because she attends classes with a hybrid schedule while living on campus.  

Since I am living on campus, and have both online and in-person classes on the same day, I’ll wear the same thing for both because I have to be around people either way, Payne said.  

Hybrid classes prompt students who have both online and in-person classes in one day to dress more presentably on a daily basis 

Freshman Krystal Phillips still puts effort into her daily looks despite attending classes on Zoom.  

“I do prefer to actually try a bit, especially since I love exploring my own fashion sense! But at the same time, my dorm is where I can be my crazy, lazy self,” Phillips said.  

If these answers are representative of the majority of students, then in-person vs. online fashion differs from day-to-day, depending on what classes someone has, their desire to share their style with others and, to put things lightly, if they wake up on “the right side of the bed.”  

Whether on Zoom or in-person, the most popular clothing style seems to be Iona gear. Students are constantly representing their Gael pride on the daily, both inperson and at home. Some days people even wear outfits that match their mask, truly changing the way that we dress ourselves. Choosing an outfit for the day may be hard, and some outfits that are worn to sleep may even sometimes be presentable as casual clothing. In this way, some students probably do get away with wearing their pajamas on their Zoom calls. 

 Either way, picking an outfit can be one of the most fun parts of the day. Putting together an outfit that you feel confident in can really impact your mood for the day, and maybe even help you make a friend or two along the way