Students show support for LGBTQ+ community with notes

Katherine Daly, Staff Writer

The Love is Love club hosted “Post-it Positive,” a digital event designed to share love and positivity for those in the LGBTQ community on Aug. 25.    


“Post it Positive” was an all-day virtual event where students were prompted to text “LOVEISLOVEIC931” and then write a message, leaving support for the LGBTQ community on campus. 


The event was designed to providea safe platform for students to share the benefits of positive thinking and the importance of vocalizing support for each other by having students write a simple message or word according tHaley Warner, president of Love is Love.

“We love doing Post-it Positive because we want to show Iona’s LGBTQ+ community that people around campus care about them, Warner said.

Warner also spoke of how difficult everything has been due to the conditions brought about by the pandemic. However, despite the circumstances, she wants people to stay connected.

“We miss not meeting in person, but we are trying to make the best of the situation we’re in,” Warner said. “We still have online meetings and we will continue to have online events throughout the semester so students who are not on campus can still be a part of the club meetings and events.

Warner explained that events such as “Post-it Positive” are meant to inspire Iona students to build a strong community through the message of love and positivity.

“Our club’s mission is to strive for love and equality through widening the knowledge and appreciation of others,” Warner said.

“Events like these make an impact by providing insightful discussions which deepens our bond as a community.

Aside from promoting positivity and unity, many students were just happy to know that people cared.