Students look back on summer 2019

Kasey Campbell, Staff Writer

While the season isn’t over quite yet, the start of classes usually marks the end of summer for most students. We may be approaching cooler days and getting back to our studies, but that doesn’t mean we need to forget the last three months of summer fun. Iona students have highlighted their favorite moments of their summer vacation.

Some Gaels took advantage of their time off their nine to five summer jobs. Specifically, junior  Samantha Karsich, went on a tropical vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii.

“The scenery was so beautiful,” Karsich said. “It was really nice to just relax before school started and everything became hectic. I would definitely recommend going.”

She describes the sandy beaches and clear, blue water as a “breathtaking sight.” Going on vacation is just one of the many things that students remembered about this spectacular summer.

Some students took advantage of the Iona College study abroad program’s summer sessions, which allowed them to take extra classes while enjoying new cultures and experiences. Junior Elizabeth Zielinski, enjoyed six weeks exploring the streets of Barcelona, Spain while taking valuable college courses along the way.

“The study abroad program had to be my favorite part of the summer because I got to travel to so many different places while making new friends and taking classes,” said Zielinski.

Zielinski, along with a group of other students, were able to travel to other countries in their free time, such as Ireland, Italy, and Germany. Seems like a good way to spend the summer while fueling your brain with knowledge!

Every summer, new trends and fads come into play, especially for the more fashion-forward Iona students. This summer, fashion risks were taken as many new trends kicked off the season with bold and gorgeous colors. Junior Cara Melchiorri, took part in the latest trends and recalls what she noticed people were wearing.

“I saw that bold, neon colors and animal prints were very in this season,” Melchiorri said. “I also began to wear light, strappy dresses with soft colors to take advantage of the summer weather.”

It sounds like this summer was full of bright colors and light materials, as Iona students have been spotted on campus sporting the latest trends.

What could make summer even better than spending it with your family and friends? As close as the Iona community is, many students enjoyed spending quality time with their loved ones at home during the summer. JuniorEmily Lind enjoyed a relaxing summer in her hometown of Breezy Point, New York.

“My favorite part of my summer had to be spending it in my hometown,” Lind said. “It was so nice to catch up with old friends while keeping in touch with my college friends. I loved spending every day on the beach and relaxing.”

Nothing screams summer more than getting together with some friends and enjoying live, outdoor music. This summer, junior Bridget Killen traveled to the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco, California to enjoy some live music and sunny weather.

“The festival was out of this world,” Killen said. “It was so crazy to be seeing my favorite artists on another side of the country. It was definitely my summer highlight.”

Soon enough, the leaves will change and the reality of school will kick in for many. Iona students surely have made the best of their summer and are ready to buckle down now as school is back in session. Remember, there are only eight months left until the next summer vacation!