Netflix adds to its rom-com resume with ‘Perfect Date’



Noah Centineo (middle) plays Brooks Rattigan, a boy who stands in as girls’ dates in order to earn money to pay for college.

Brian Connors, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Netflix has been praised for its mission to revitalize the romantic comedy. In the past year, the streaming platformhas released various romantic comedies including “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “Sierra Burgess is a Loser.”

Both movies garnered alarming popularity, which might be the result of a characteristic that both films have in common: the gorgeous male lead, Noah Centineo. The actor stole the hearts of viewers everywhere as Peter Kavinsky and Jamey, but now Netflix is banking on his sex appeal with his own movie, “The Perfect Date,” which premiered on April 12.

The film revolves around typical boy next door Brooks Rattigan as he prepares for college. He dreams of going to Yale but realizes he might not have the funds. In order to make some extra cash, he agrees to take his friend’s cousin, Celia, to her school dance.

The dance is a success and Rattigan decides to extend his services to any female who needs him. His app, The Stand-In, allows girls to request his presence for whatever it is they need. With the help of Celia and his best friend Murph, Brooks launches his app to resounding success. Things get dicey, however, when Rattigan develops feelings for Celia’s rich classmate, Shelby.

“The Perfect Date” is effortlessly charming and will be enjoyable to anyone who decides to watch. That said, its premise is not anything new, and it is pretty easy to map out how the movie is going to end. Although the destination is obvious, the ride is pleasurable thanks to the charisma and chemistry of its stars.

It is hard to not fall in love with Centineo. His good looks and sweet personality are the perfect combination for a protagonist. However, Centineo does not carry all the weight on his back – the rest of the cast provides vibrant performances as well.

Laura Marano is delightful as Celia Lieberman and Odiseas Georgiadis is great as Murph. Surprisingly, Camila Mendes from “Riverdale” does not get that much screen time throughout the film, but fans of the actress will enjoy her as Shelby Pace.

“The Perfect Date” is now available to stream on Netflix.